ISO 26262 Compliance Consulting

The best Solution for ISO 26262 compliance


Overview of the ISO 26262 series of standards (2nd Edition)


  • ISO 26262, titled “Road vehicles-Functional safety” is an international standard for functional safety of electrical and/or electronic systems in production automobiles defined by ISO.
  • With the release of its 2nd edition within 2018, electrical parts of two-wheelers, buses, trucks, and autonomous driving vehicles will have to follow This contrasts to the 1st edition, where only electric parts of passenger cars were included. Also, related to Adaptive AUTOSAR, up to ASIL(Automotive Safety Integrity Level) B level of safety standard is required.
  • PopcornSAR can provide consulting to clients when they are producing electric parts to meet compliance with Adaptive AUTOSAR specification and ISO 26262 requirements concurrently. The range of PopcornSAR's consulting will cover all processes from Item Definition to providing final safety manuals.

PopcornSAR’s Approach to ISO 26262 2nd Edition


The production of ISO 26262 complying electric parts begins with defining the name of part where ECU is mounted on(ex. air bag, tire). This process is called Item Definition

Highly Autonomous Driving (HAD)


PopcornSAR’s consulting for ISO 26262 2nd edition with Adaptive AUTOSAR

PopcornSAR’s consulting range covers:
[Part 3: Concept Phase
4. Product Development: System Level
6. Product Development: Software Level]
of ISO 26262.
Through consulting, PopcornSAR can give ideas on:
what kind of safety-related tests are needed,
what safety mechanisms to make and
timeline for the project.


Consulting Outcome

With PopcornSAR’s consulting, clients can obtain
⁠[1. Safety Manual: a guide document can be provided with electric parts related with the safety of the product.
2. Safety Case: Acts as a big factor in determining reliability and value of the product.]
⁠as outcomes

Safety Mechanism Guide for Adaptive AUTOSAR

No Safety Mechanism Related FCs
1 Platform Health Management for fail-operational applications ara::phm
2 Safe storage of persistent data ara::per, ara::crypto
3 E2E Protection ara::com::e2e
4 Access control to resources local to an Adaptive platform instance ara::iam,
5 Control of resource consumption by applications ara::exec
6 Resource monitoring ara::exec,
7 Design of predictable system behavior ara::exec,

There are also safety goals categories to be tested related with Adaptive AUTOSAR’s Functional clusters. ⁠This table is an example of how PopcornSAR can provide consulting on safety mechanisms related with Functional Clusters