Web-based Functional Clusters Development Environment

List of Functional Clusters (R18-10)


Functional Cluster Tool Chain


Complete Integration from Source code generation to image building


  • Source code generation(ara::com and vsomeip.json)
  • Source code building
  • Yocto project-based build system
  • ⁠Workspace Sharing and Source Code management(via Gitlab)
  • ⁠Continuous Integration(via Jenkins)

Workspaces configuration
(via Dashboard)

Configurates workspace which provides Adaptive AUTOSAR R18-03 complying integrated development environment with C++14 language


Source code Generation(via workspace)

Generates source codes from loaded ARXML file with Compiling and debugging process


Source code management(via Gitlab)

⁠Works as a storage of source code, enables many developers to work concurrently with version management


Image Build(via Jenkins)

Auto-builds binary images. This image can be downloaded to the developer’s PC


Build environment with Functional Clusters IDE

District Function
1) ⁠Workspace File tree view⁠
File upload and download
2) Source code Editor ⁠Application coding
3) Terminal Generation and build

Increased ease of development due to Web based IDE

  • ⁠Free Access: Enables developers to access from anywhere with any devices, including laptop, tablet and other mobile devices by using web
  • Less Resource consumption: CPU and RAM resource usage drops more than 90%
  • Much Storage saving: Can save storage 20 to 30 GB per each Adaptive AUTOSAR workspace