for Classic

System design & ECU Configuration for Classic AUTOSAR

AUTOSAR version

  • AUTOSAR version : R4.0.3 ~ R4.4.0

Key features for Classic

- System Design
  • Software architecture and system design (SWC & Composition setting)
  • Easy & Fast ARXML modeling with GUI Wizard and ADL (AUTOSAR Design Language)
  • Reuse of existing ARXML
  • ⁠System template, ethernet cluster of ADL for communication between Adaptive AUTOSAR and Classic AUTOSAR
  • Setting and verifying Basic Software (BSW) and Runtime Environment (RTE) of AUTOSAR ECU
  • User configuration parameter verification
  • VSMD(Vendor Specific Module Definition)

Tips for use

  • Provides 49 ECU examples of Software Component based on Classic AUTOSAR R4.x